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I finished the first round with a loss of 20 lbs. I was at 201lbs. I was pumped!! I went on round #2 just 3 weeks later. This round I lost 22 more pounds. I was at 179 I felt fabulous!! And now people were starting to notice. I started round #3 one month later. On this round I reach one of my goals. I was no longer considered obese anymore. I lost a total of 22 more pounds this round and I made it to 157. In the next 2 weeks on my maintenance phase, I lost the last 7 lbs. I did it!!!! I was now 150 lbs. It took me 3 rounds and 5 months to lose 70lbs.I have maintained 150lbs for exactly 1 year. My husband and I took a financial guidance course together which has helped our finances and it has helped rekindle our marriage. I have reconnected with my friends, and my daughters are successful and happy following their own dreams.This month I decided I wanted to do round #4. I am currently on day #21 VLCD. This morning I weighted 138lbs. My new goal is 130. I'm 8lbs shy of my total loss of losing exactly 100lbs!!!! I honestly can't believe it myself. I hope my story will inspire someone who is discouraged about their own situation. I know now that change is possible for anyone who sets their mind to it. With the help from the Medical Center Weight Loss Clinic of San Antonio, I now can honestly say I have made a "Lifestyle Change" and I am finally LIVING MY LIFE!View My Before & After Here

Saved My Life!

From the moment I walked into this clinic I was encouraged and supported, and I was so motivated to succeed. I had been grieving the loss of both my mother and sister recently, and did not want to go down the same path. In a little over 3 months, I have already lost 61 pounds!!! From day one, the doctor has been so understanding and empathetic, and provided me with an effective weight loss plan and gave me the incentive I needed. I used to run out of energy and need to spend the entire weekend resting in bed. Now that I have started this program, I spring out of bed every morning and hit the ground running. I feel mentally sharper and more focused, too. I feel the best I have in years. The clinic's staff is the absolute best - they celebrate my successes with me. I cannot say enough good things about how professional and caring they all are. I have been recommending this clinic to everyone. Go see them - you will be so happy you did. Having lost this weight, I feel like I can do anything! I mean it sincerely when I say they saved my life! Gratefully, Paul

Results that works!!

My first experience w/MCWLC was in 2012, I lost over 40 lbs.But,"Life Happens" I stopped going the job became demanding, grand kids came along, and of course the stress of things came as well. I forgot about taking care of me and the weight that I got off came back and more. So, I decided to go back to what I know works and returned to MCWLC(4/2015) and so far 14#. I have more energy and learning to take care of myself once again. Dr. Kathy is so Wonderful!!! Always encouraging you and staff is always pleasant very professional. The amazing thing to me about this place is that Dr and staff have had there own experiences as well with weight-loss. I have struggled with weight lost and I am one of those people that if you have not been through what I experience with this struggle how can you help me. They have been there in your shoes and it not just talk as other places. I know I will reach my goal this time.

So Happy So Very Happy

When I went to the Weight Loss Center I really did not think it would work. I was so over weight and had gone to True Results and my insurance would not cover it. I was told by someone special to see Dr. Kathryn Norton at Medical Center Weight Loss Clinic. I am so glad I did. As of today I have lost 80lbs and still going. I feel better than I have in years. I had broken my ankle and wrist in 2 places which left me in a wheel chair for 6 weeks then a walker for another 6 weeks and before I knew it I just kept putting the weight on and was not able to walk very well. I am now walking daily atleast 1 mile most days I do 2 miles it is not easy but with her help I fell we can do anything. I am so glad I made this choice and my husband is even happier. He did not want me to have any surgery so he got what he wanted and I got what I wanted and we are both so happy. It has been 9 months since I started and I have about 50 more lbs to go. I beleive I can do this and so can you.

Awesome Results & Staff!

My husband and I have been going since August of 2013. Since then he has lost over 65 lbs and I have lost 40 lbs. If you follow her advice and do what she says it will work. If you don't then it will not work. I have tried many diets my whole life including Weight Watchers where I gained. This is great. I have many friends who have since joined and they are dropping the pounds too. No problems with the staff and Katherine ROCKS!!!!!

Excellent Results!

For years i have struggled with my weight, and tried every diet plan on earth with very little results. since coming to the weight loss clinic ,for the first time in my life i am noticing amazing results. I'm shedding pounds, but even more important, inches. i have more energy than i have had even in younger years. the aches and pains have gone away, and my mood has even improved. before starting the program i was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol, in so much pain everyday i couldn't even think of exercising and suffering from depression. when i started noticing the changes i wanted to know more so did my homework on the B12 and L-Carnatine, and found out exactly how it works for weight loss and other positive effects it has on our bodies. i would encourage everyone to do this . the amount of weight i lose varies from week to week but i have seen that with very little effort i am getting amazing results. the more i put into it the better the results . i also keep track of my calories with an app and have found this to be extremely helpful in that it keeps me accountable and on track. I'm changing the way i look at food in the sense that when i eat i ask myself before each meal exactly what purpose this meal serves in my body. not to say i don't have a cheese burger or glass of wine sometimes because once in a while the purpose is just because it tastes good but i try to stay focused on food as fuel . I'm so thankful for the clinic for giving me my life back. the staff is always friendly and confidential and i always leave there with a smile on my face. .all of my friends have noticed the difference and i recommend them all to make an appointment. i still have a little ways to go before reaching my goal but i have no doubt this time with the help of the clinic i am definitely going to get there!