We have helped thousands of men and women over 35 with low testosterone! We customize individualized plans that best fit you. Plus our Aesthetic spa provides, Juvederm and other treatments which will deliver real, visible results and have you feeling like a younger you!

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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles of men. It is responsible for the development of male characteristics such as body and facial hair, muscle growth, strength and deep voice. Normal levels of testosterone also influence the production of sperm and promote sex drive. Though testosterone is thought of as an exclusively male hormone, although it is not unique to males. Testosterone is also produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands in women and starts to decline as both men and women age.

Is Testosterone Therapy Right For You?

  1. Are you over 35?
  2. Do you have poor muscle tone?
  3. Are you prone to weight gain particularly around the mid-section?
  4. Do you frequently feel weak and tired without any apparent reason?
  5. Is your recovery from exercise slow?
  6. Do you have a low sex drive or symptoms of sexual dysfunction?
  7. Do you feel depressed, irritable, or unmotivated?
  8. Do you have difficulty coping with stress?
  9. Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep?
  10. Do you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or take prescription meds?
  11. Vaginal Dryness (Female)?

If you answered YES to more than half of these questions, chances are your testosterone levels are less than optimal and maybe deficient. You may be going through the male menopause, or andropause.

Testosterone Facts

  • Testosterone starts to decline in our mid 20’s. It is estimated that testosterone levels will drop to abnormally low levels in 20% of men over 50.
  • In men over 40, lower testosterone levels affect physical, sexual, and cognitive function. Andropause is a health problem that requires treatment.
  • Hormones do not decline because we age. We age because our hormones decline.